Simulation Analysis of Laser Shock Forming for TA2 Titanium Sheet Based on ABAQUS

Xianfeng Tan, Baohua Xie
2015 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technology   unpublished
The influence of the different laser faculae model and optical field distribution with spatial frequency components on laser shock forming for TA2 titanium sheet metal was done by the binary optical beam shaper and the finite element software ABAQUS, and the dynamic response and forming rule of the deformation of TA2 titanium sheet were analyzed. The results show that after using ring distribution of low frequency light load, sheet metal loading area first produces plastic deformation, occurs
more » ... e thickness to thin, and with the increase of loading time, plastic deformation area continuously outward expands; under the condition of the same peak pressure and outer diameter of ring laser faculae, the smaller the inner diameter, the greater the deformation and the flatter the bottom; compared with the circular laser faculae, the bottom of the laser shock forming deformation area is relatively flat, the deformation and the residual stress distribution are evener by ring low frequency faculae, which not only increases the performance of sheet metal forming, but also improves the fatigue strength and wear resistance of the specimens.
doi:10.2991/icaemt-15.2015.87 fatcat:uirvieoa3jfo5g37umga42nkri