Polish Lebensraum: the colonial ambition to expand on racial terms

Bolaji Balogun
2017 Ethnic and Racial Studies  
Lebensraumthe space a state believes is required for its natural expansionhas a pivotal role in the global expansion projects. Whenever this concept is discussed, it is almost exclusively reduced to the Imperial Russia's domination of less-stately countries in Central and Eastern Europe; the British exploration and colonization of territories in Africa and Asia; the French settlements in parts of the Caribbean Islands and Africa; the German experimentation in South-West Africa, and the Dutch
more » ... a, and the Dutch seaborne competing with the Spanish and Portuguese's expansionism. Study related to Poland's attempted acquisition of colonial territories outside Europe is rarely discussed. Drawing on the activities of the Polish Colonial Society, this article contends that the building blocks of colonization were not confined solely to European imperial powers. As colonization forged ahead in the twentieth century, Poland seemed to be the country where colonialism played a significant role in both national and transnational politics.
doi:10.1080/01419870.2017.1392028 fatcat:icjcgb47ufgp5ajoektp6lxc3m