University Students' Perceptions of the Causes of Stress

M. Madzhie
2015 Journal of Social Sciences  
This paper explores the university students' perception and views on the causes of stress. Qualitative research design was used. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with three female and three male students. The questions were open-ended questions, which allow the researcher to probe for more information from the participants. The collected data was transcribed and analysed using thematic content analysis. The findings of this research shows that stress is a general response of the body
more » ... a threatening situation. The findings also revels that things such as conflicts, life changes and pressure, are among other,causes of stress. The paper concludes that students experience a lot of problems that cause stress such as unplanned pregnancy, family problems, school problems and illness. It was also concluded that students are pressurised by their friends to do a number of things such as going to night club, which they end up going because they what to be recognized by their friends. The paper recommends that the university provide counselling for student who faces academic, financial and social problems. University department such as psychology should also arrange workshops for educating students about stress, its symptoms, causes and ways of helping people with stress.
doi:10.1080/09718923.2015.11893459 fatcat:rapbdu2gu5bu3cmp5oms76sbnq