Proof Systems for 3-valued Logics Based on Gödel's Implication

Arnon Avron
2021 Logic Journal of the IGPL  
The logic $G3^{<}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$ was introduced in Robles and Mendéz (2014, Logic Journal of the IGPL, 22, 515–538) as a paraconsistent logic which is based on Gödel's 3-valued matrix, except that Kleene–Łukasiewicz's negation is added to the language and is used as the main negation connective. We show that $G3^{<}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$ is exactly the intersection of $G3^{\{1\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$ and
more » ... ptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$, the two truth-preserving 3-valued logics which are based on the same truth tables. (In $G3^{\{1\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$ the set ${\cal D}$ of designated elements is $\{1\}$, while in $G3^{\{1,0.5\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$ ${\cal D}=\{1,0.5\}$.) We then construct a Hilbert-type system which has (MP) for $\to $ as its sole rule of inference, and is strongly sound and complete for $G3^{<}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$. Then we show how, by adding one axiom (in the case of $G3^{\{1\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$) or one new rule of inference (in the case of $G3^{\{1,0.5\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$), we get strongly sound and complete systems for $G3^{\{1\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$ and $G3^{\{1,0.5\}}_{{{}^{\scriptsize{-}}}\!\!\textrm{L}}$. Finally, we provide quasi-canonical Gentzen-type systems which are sound and complete for those logics and show that they are all analytic, by proving the cut-elimination theorem for them.
doi:10.1093/jigpal/jzab013 fatcat:se74xmvdljbkddqx5f5c4h5i5e