Blockchain Based Security Solution for Medical Data

Existing health organizations maintain their patients and medical data using centralised management approach. This system is more vulnerable to data breaches which leads to security threats and patients don't have control over their data. According to German cybersecurity company Greenbone Networks, the patient records, 121 millions of medical images and scans from India has been leaked which includes details such as the name of the patient, their date of birth, the national ID, name of the
more » ... cal institution, their medical history, physician names and other details. According to poneman cost of data breach study, the cost of the data breach for healthcare organizations approximated to be $380 per record. According to 2016 Breach Barometer Report, 27,314,647 patient records were affected. The patient don't have control over their data and data can be misused. Hyperledger fabric framework based Blockchain technology is most desirable solution to prevent data manipulation and data theft .It also facilitates patient to have control over their data. Hyperledger fabric is a permissioned distributed ledger framework and provide high degrees of confidentiality, flexibility, and scalability.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.i7197.0891020 fatcat:icxqpxdpebhf3ejingb7uj4ldy