Micrometer-resolution reconstruction and analysis of whole mouse brain vasculature by synchrotron-based phase-contrast tomographic microscopy [article]

Arttu Miettinen, Antonio Zippo, Alessandra Patera, Anne Bonnin, Sarah Shahmoradian, Gabriele Biella, Marco Stampanoni
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Nervous tissue metabolism is mainly supported by the dense thread of blood vessels which mainly provides fast supplies of oxygen and glucose. Recently, the supplying role of the brain vascular system has been examined in major neurological conditions such as the Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. However, to date, fast and reliable methods for the fine level microstructural extraction of whole brain vascular systems are still unavailable. We present a methodological framework suitable for
more » ... onstruction of the whole mouse brain cerebral microvasculature by X-ray tomography with the unprecedented pixel size of 0.65 μm. Our measurements suggest that the resolving power of the technique is better than in many previous studies, and therefore it allows for a refinement of current measurements of blood vessel properties. Relevant insights emerged from analyses characterizing the regional morphology and topology of blood vessels. Specifically, vascular diameter and density appeared non-homogeneously distributed among the brain regions suggesting preferential sites for high-demanding metabolic requirements. Also, topological features such as the vessel branching points were non-uniformly distributed among the brain districts indicating that specific architectural schemes are required to serve the distinct functional specialization of the nervous tissue. In conclusion, here we propose a combination of experimental and computational method for efficient and fast investigations of the vascular system of entire organs with submicrometric precision.
doi:10.1101/2021.03.16.435616 fatcat:4ecfoz6tbfhjrer7rstvbrht7i