Reports and Analyses and Descriptions of New Inventions in Medicine, Surgery, Dietetics, and the Allied Sciences

1875 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
Oct 30, 1875. that Society upon the value of Lister's method could be based.-Afr. MAUNDER had not ligatured the femoral artery in either of the three cases he had mentioned, because two of those cases were never bad enouglh to warrant the operation; and he was deterred from (loing it in the worst case (that of the man exhibited), because he feared that the arterial supplv to the limb was, by reason of the inflammation, too fully established.-Mir. IARWVELL explained that lhe thought there were
more » ... hought there were only blemishes in Lister's method, and that an advocate wouldl try to simplify it.-Mr. CROF'r had visited Mr. Lister's wards years ago in Glasgow, and could now say much in favour of his method, having
doi:10.1136/bmj.2.774.558 fatcat:daosuq4fdrfdhetawkegneznki