Orbits of turning points for maps of finite graphs and inverse limit spaces [article]

Brian Raines
2002 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper we examine the topology of inverse limit spaces generated by maps of finite graphs. In particular we explore the way in which the structure of the orbits of the turning points affects the inverse limit. We show that if f has finitely many turning points each on a finite orbit then the inverse limit of f is determined by the number of elements in the ω-limit set of each turning point. We go on to identify the local structure of the inverse limit space at the points that correspond
more » ... o points in the ω-limit set of f when the turning points of f are not necessarily on a finite orbit. This leads to a new result regarding inverse limits of maps of the interval.
arXiv:math/0204137v1 fatcat:bnw3qzhssjabrong65mkqc7cpy