A study on the impact load acting on an FPSO bow by steep waves

Sam-Kwon Hong, Jae-Moon Lew, Dong-Woo Jung, Hee-Taek Kim, Dong-Yeon Lee, Jong-Soo Seo
2017 International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering  
Various offshore structures such as FPSO, FSO, Semi-submersible, TLP and Spar are operated to develop offshore oil and gas fields. Most of the offshore structures shall be operated over 20 years under the harsh environments at sites so that the offshore structures should be designed to endure the harsh environments. In this study, the effect of the impact load (so called slapping load) by the steep waves acting on the FPSO bow is investigated through the model test. For measurement of the
more » ... pressures on the frontal area, a bow-shaped panel was fabricated, and installed the pressure sensors on the bow starboard side of the model FPSO. During the model test campaign, the impact load was investigated using the steep waves with Hs/l greater than 1/16 of the representative wave condition. Consequently, it is confirmed through the model test that the impact loads acting on the FPSO bow are significantly increased with the steep waves (Hs/l > 1/16) than the representative wave conditions of a maximum significant wave height and a pitch forcing period. Therefore, for safe design of North Sea FPSO, it is necessary to consider the steep waves in addition to the representative wave conditions and to be applied as proper structural load. Also, the effect of random seeds in irregular waves should be considered to build the safe FPSO.
doi:10.1016/j.ijnaoe.2016.06.006 fatcat:zadpwqmlivhonbr3eyccbfvbcu