B344 Comparison of the efficacy of transversalis fascia plane block and wound infiltration in varicocelectomy surgery: randomised controlled study

EC Çelik, İ Özbey, ME Aydin, AM Yayik, E Oral Ahiskalioglu, İH Tor, A Ahiskalioglu
2022 Postoperative pain management   unpublished
were monitored for 24 hours after surgery and two blood samples (preanesthetic induction and immediately after stopping Lidocaine infusion) were obtained from each patient to determine the level of Opiorphin. These blood samples were collected in plasma tubes, and Human ELISA kits was used to measure its level.
doi:10.1136/rapm-2022-esra.418 fatcat:3dlkwhjhnrh6bfz6hx4cxctygu