Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Prosthetic and Orthotic Rehabilitation [chapter]

Smita Nayak, Rajesh Kumar Das
2020 Service Robotics [Working Title]  
Technological integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in the Prosthetic and Orthotic industry and in the field of assistive technology has become boon for the Persons with Disabilities. The concept of neural network has been used by the leading manufacturers of rehabilitation aids for simulating various anatomical and biomechanical functions of the lost parts of the human body. The involvement of human interaction with various agents' i.e. electronic circuitry,
more » ... robotics, etc. has made a revolutionary impact in the rehabilitation field to develop devices like Bionic leg, mind or thought control prosthesis and exoskeletons. Application of Artificial Intelligence and robotics technology has a huge impact in achieving independent mobility and enhances the quality of life in Persons with Disabilities (PwDs).
doi:10.5772/intechopen.93903 fatcat:jp2h7xcms5h3tjx7ichkckplty