Maciej Kowalski, Radosław Paszkiewicz, Przemysław Zawadzki
Use of Information Technologies in product design allows to improve it's efficiency. Application of different IT tools allows reducing the time of preparation of the product for production as well as to reduce the manufacturing costs and improve the quality of the product. When work stand is considered as product, the design process of that product is even more important. Besides of capabilities of work stand manufacturing cost limitations it also effects reduction of costs of products which
more » ... manufactured at this work stand. Sometimes design process of the work stand can have some weakness which cause low level of the ergonomic quality and can be the source of farther economical loses like low production capacity of the work stand, high level of lack, rapid wear of machines and tools, accidents, employee's exhaustion and other professional diseases. All loses which have been described above are incurred through many years of work stand exploitation. Author of this paper proposed the innovatory approach for work stand environment design by using virtual reality techniques. Elaborated IT tools for design with the use of VR techniques enable to work stand design at the different branches of industries. With the consideration of mass production the development of ergonomic, convenient work stands becomes more and more important. That is why author's research investigations concerned at testing of new tools at the work stand design process for automotive industry. The results of these investigations will be presented as well.