Electronic Structure of the VO Film Grown on Ag(100): Resonant Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study

Yuichi Sugizaki, Hiroki Motoyama, Kazuyuki Edamoto, Kenichi Ozawa
2018 e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology  
The electronic structure of the VO film grown on Ag(100) has been studied by photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) utilizing synchrotron radiation. The Ag(100) surface covered by the VO film formed by V deposition in O2 at 3.7×10 −9 Torr and subsequent annealing at 450 • C gave a (1×1) LEED pattern. In the PES spectra for the (1×1) VO film, the conduction band mostly composed of V 3d-components was observed at 0-2.5 eV. The valence band mostly composed of O 2p-components was formed overlapping with
more » ... d overlapping with the substrate Ag 4d band, and the analysis of the resonant PES spectra revealed that the band existed at 4-10 eV. Both of the PES spectra for the VO film at room temperature and for that cooled to 4.86 K showed a clear cut-off at the Fermi edge, implying that the (1×1) VO film has a metallic electronic structure when the temperature is higher than 4.86 K.
doi:10.1380/ejssnt.2018.236 fatcat:236ki3x3qvgiho2m23onbxmdlm