A Contribution to the Knowledge of the Physiological Action of the Alkaloids, Viridia, Veratroidia, and Veratria of Commerce, and of the Resin of Veratrum Viride

Horatio C. Wood
1870 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
Expt. 2.-Young pigeon, injected gr. 7'j viridi* sulph.; temperature 108°; heart's beats not noted. 10 minutes. Temperature 107°; heart's beats 120. 15 minutes. Pigeon quiet, indisposed to move ; heart's beats 76 ; pupils natural. 30 minutes. Pigeon quiet, disposed to crawl into corners, lying flat on breast; temperature 107°; rapidity of heart's beat varying constantly; slightest move¬ ment or excitement of pigeon causing heart to beat so rapidly it cannot be counted. 80 minutes. Pigeon
more » ... tes. Pigeon livelier; injected £ gr. into its breast. 10 minutes. Pigeon unable to stand firm and quiet, resting on whole length of leg, constantly flapping wings to keep the balance and changing feet, wants to get into corner. 15 minutes. Nervous twitchings of tail. 20 minutes. Evidences of convulsive movement marked. 22 minutes. Convulsions, with sprawling and inability to stand; falling backwards. 23 minutes. Wings flap vigorously, but without raising pigeon at all. 30 minutes. Convulsions marked with increasing weakness; motion backwards and sidewards. 33 minutes. Convulsions violent; no change in pupils; pigeon shows consciousness in trying to get into corners and dark places. 35 minutes. Convulsions very violent; now pitches forward all the time. 38 minutes. On back; still violent convulsions. 40 minutes. Pigeon died in hand. Autopsy immediate.-Nothing abnormal. Expt. 3.-Full grown white rabbit; injected into its thigh gr. b ; breath rate 140 ; temperature 103° F.; no perceptible effect.
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