Genomic approaches to small molecule discovery

K Stegmaier
2009 Leukemia  
With the sequencing of the human genome and the development of new genomic technologies, biomedical discovery has been transformed. The applications of these new approaches are ever-expanding from disease classification, to identification of new targets, to outcome prediction. A logical next step is the integration of genomic approaches into small molecule discovery. This review will focus on the application of genomics to compound discovery, with an emphasis on the hematological malignancies.
more » ... t will focus on the use of genomic tools to discover cancer targets and the development and application of both cell-based and in silico gene expressionbased approaches to small molecule discovery.
doi:10.1038/leu.2009.29 pmid:19262600 fatcat:5kmdxgazpfhy7huztpucmsy4mu