Analysis of the Influence of Coal Petrography on the Proper Application of the Unipore and Bidisperse Models of Methane Diffusion

Marcin Karbownik, Jerzy Krawczyk, Katarzyna Godyń, Tomasz Schlieter, Jiří Ščučka
2021 Energies  
The analysis of phenomena related to gas transport in hard coal is important with regard to the energetic use of coal bed methane (CBM), the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere (CO2) and the prevention of natural hazards such as methane hazards and gas and rock outbursts. This article presents issues concerning the feasibility and scope of applying the unipore and bidisperse diffusion models to obtain knowledge concerning the kinetics of methane sorption and its diffusion in
more » ... the carbon structure, depending on its petrography. Laboratory tests were carried out on coal samples which varied in terms of petrography. Quantitative point analyses were carried out, based on which content of groups of macerals was determined. The degree of coalification of coal samples was also determined based on measurements of vitrinite reflectivity R0 and the volatile matter content Vdaf. Sorption kinetics were also investigated, and attempts were made to adjust the unipore and bidisperse models to the real sorption kinetic courses. This allowed the identification of appropriate coefficients controlling the course of sorption in mathematical models. An attempt was also made to assess the possibility of applying a given model to properly describe the phenomenon of methane sorption on hard coal.
doi:10.3390/en14248495 fatcat:oynehylflrfo5f4lqxqlh62eba