Second Cheese Whey Treatment Using Zeolite under Continuous Flow Mode and Its Application on Wheat Growth

Kotoulas, Agathou, Triantaphyllidou, Tatoulis, Akratos, Tekerlekopoulou, Vayenas
2019 Water  
The efficiency of natural zeolite to treat second cheese whey (SCW) and remove ammonium from artificial wastewater (AWW) was examined. Since zeolite has been reported to improve nitrogen availability in soils, its effect on wheat plant growth was also examined. Continuing a previous study using batch reactors, results are presented concerning experiments in fixed-bed columns under continuous operation. Results from the continuous flow column experiments using AWW and zeolite (2.0–2.8 mm)
more » ... (2.0–2.8 mm) indicated that low flow rates (4 mL/min and 8 mL/min) did not significantly affect zeolite adsorption ability, while maximum zeolite adsorption capacity reached 15.30 mg NH4+-N/g. Finally, the effect of zeolite saturated with NH4+-N on plant growth was examined. The application of saturated zeolite affected significantly wheat plant growth and resulted in faster growth and higher biomass production.
doi:10.3390/w11050928 fatcat:5hgj73cxajdbncblohazv7ofmy