Optimasi Pengambilan Antosianin dari Kulit Buah Naga Merah (Hylocereus polyrhizus) Sebagai Pewarna Alami pada Makanan

Ratna Sri Harjanti
2016 CHEMICA: Jurnal Teknik Kimia  
The addition of synthetic colors in foods in an attempt to attract the attention of consumers, not a ban, but if the dye used is a dye that is unusual for the food, it is harmful to health. One source of natural pigments that can be used is the red dragon fruit skin. These skins contain anthocyanins potential as a dye. This research observed water content and powder size of the extracted red dragon fruit skin. It was also conducted a stirring speed variation during the extraction process. While
more » ... tion process. While the temperature, time, and solvent variables refer to the findings of the previous research. Analysis of the results was conducted to determine pH, anthocyanin concentration and yield results. Based on the results obtained, the smaller the water content in the skin, the absorbance values are higher. This shows that extractable anthocyanins levels are also higher. The lowest levels of the skin can be achieved in this study was 6%. The smaller the grain size, the higher the anthocyanin content was obtained. The smallest grain size achieved was 100 mesh. The highest mixing speed in this study was 300 rpm, the higher the stirring speed, the higher the anthocyanin content fetched. Organoleptic tests were conducted to study the effect of anthocyanins on the quality of the food. It shows that the addition of anthocyanins to color food generates appropriate color and do not significantly affect flavor and aroma. So it can be used as a natural dye for food. Pendahuluan Pewarna telah lama digunakan pada bahan makanan dan minuman untuk memperbaiki tampilan produk pangan. Selain untuk produk pangan, pewarna juga digunakan di dalam industri tekstil, kosmetik, peralatan rumah tangga, dan industri lainnya. Pada awalnya zat warna yang digunakan adalah zat warna alami dari tumbuhan dan hewan. Semakin berkembangnya ilmu dan teknologi, penggunaan zat warna alami semakin berkurang dan digantikan dengan zat warna sintetik. Hal ini disebabkan bahan-bahan pewarna sintetik lebih murah dan memberikan warna yang lebih stabil apabila dibandingkan dengan pewarna alami [1] .
doi:10.26555/chemica.v3i2.5922 fatcat:6fb7nbqbfnhihjr3pbelrgmfsy