Structural and photocatalytic characterization of BaFe2O4 obtained at low temperatures

Silvana Da Dalt, Bruna Berti Sousa, Annelise Kopp Alves, Carlos Pérez Bergmann
2011 Materials Research  
Barium monoferrite BaFe 2 O 4 classified as permanent magnet stands out among other ceramic magnets due to its high chemical stability, corrosion resistance and low production cost. In addition, experiments conducted on photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange and UV transmittance by spectrophotometry have shown that this material has photocatalytic properties. The spinel ferrite is of importance in many technological areas such as computing, communications and security. Several techniques
more » ... everal techniques for synthesis have been studied to optimize the properties of this material. The synthesis of BaFe 2 O 4 by conventional processes often occurs at temperatures above 1000 °C. In this work, we obtained the phase BaFe 2 O 4 at low temperatures (600 °C) from the combustion reaction using nitrates and maleic anhydride as metal complexing agent. Techniques of X-ray diffraction, specific surface area, thermogravimetry analysis and photocatalytic analysis were employed to characterize the products obtained.
doi:10.1590/s1516-14392011005000069 fatcat:vlivcsknpnaeziqmdoxolwjude