Eigenmode super-resolution imaging in arbitrary optical systems

Allan S. Johnson, Kevin Piché, Jeff Z. Salvail, Jonathan Leach, Robert W. Boyd
2013 Journal of Modern Optics  
We investigate optical super-resolution by means of eigenmode decomposition in arbitrary imaging systems. This technique is applicable for arbitrary objects but requires a knowledge of the eigenmodes of the imaging system. We outline a reconstruction technique that can be applied even to systems in which the eigenmodes are not orthogonal, and we present numerical simulations of eigenmode super-resolution in systems with resolution limited both by diffraction and by aberrations. Our results
more » ... ate that optical super-resolution by direct eigenmode decomposition provides a versatile method of sub-diffraction and distortion-free imaging in arbitrary optical systems.
doi:10.1080/09500340.2013.867096 fatcat:r2jv75cz3balnl3qdnw6xnnfya