A New Physiologic Based Integrated Algorithm in the Management of Neonatal Hemodynamic Instability [post]

Yasser Elsayed, Muzafar Abdul Wahab
2021 unpublished
Physiologic based management of hemodynamic instability is proven to guide to logical selection of cardiovascular approach, and shorten time to clinical recovery, compared to empiric approach which is ignoring the heterogeneity of the hemodynamic instability related mechanisms. In this report we classified neonatal hemodynamic instability, circulatory shock, and degree of compensation to 5 physiologic categories, based on blood pressure (BP) different phenotypes, other clinical parameters,
more » ... al parameters, echocardiography markers, and oxygen indices. This approach is focused on hemodynamic instability in infants with normal heart structure.
doi:10.21203/rs.3.rs-285959/v1 fatcat:tywzjuuc3bbbrgq57xfb5tf2s4