Single-locus inheritance and partial linkage map of Coffea arabica L

T.A. Teixeira-Cabral, N.S. Sakiyama, L. Zambolim, A.A. Pereira, I. Schuster
2004 Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology  
In a backcross population of the allotetraploid Coffea arabica L. the loci with diploid-like segregation were predominant, although a few loci with tetrassomic inheritance or distortion of the expected segregation were also observed. A partial genetic map of Coffea arabica L. was constructed with 82 RAPD loci scored in this backcross population of 104 individuals. It covered the estimated length of 540.6 cM in eight linkage groups. The linkage group size was highly correlated with the number of
more » ... with the number of markers, indicating random distribution of the markers in the groups. The average distance between two markers was 7.3 cM.
doi:10.12702/1984-7033.v04n04a06 fatcat:cnfb4srkkbd77np3cqu2v37cq4