Combinatorial systolic inequalities [article]

Ryan Kowalick, Jean-François Lafont, Barry Minemyer
2015 arXiv   pre-print
We establish combinatorial versions of various classical systolic inequalities. For a smooth triangulation of a closed smooth manifold, the minimal number of edges in a homotopically non-trivial loop contained in the 1-skeleton gives an integer called the combinatorial systole. The number of top-dimensional simplices in the triangulation gives another integer called the combinatorial volume. We show that a class of smooth manifolds satisfies a systolic inequality for all Riemannian metrics if
more » ... d only if it satisfies a corresponding combinatorial systolic inequality for all smooth triangulations. Along the way, we show that any closed Riemannian manifold has a smooth triangulation which "remembers" the geometry of the Riemannian metric, and conversely, that every smooth triangulation gives rise to Riemannian metrics which encode the combinatorics of the triangulation. We give a few applications of these results.
arXiv:1506.07121v1 fatcat:cowkh2ecdzg6bdjabrf72i7dqi