Nalbuphine and Addiction: From the Basic Science to Clinical Set

Conter FS, Oliveira AR, Weston AC
2019 Journal of clinical research in anesthesiology  
The use of opioids, especially morphine, has been the main choice for analgesia in moderate to severe pain. Nalbuphine (C 21 H 27 NO 4 ) is a synthetic kappa-receptor agonist and partial mu-receptor antagonist opioid drug, available and approved to use, designated in an attempt to provide analgesia without the undesirable side effects of pure mu-opioids agonists like morphine. The possibility of using nalbuphine as an alternative drug in view of the increasing worldwide addiction/dependence
more » ... s and therefore alarming rates of opioid overdose deaths seems the rational option due to its favorable pharmacological profile in terms of adverse effects and its equivalent analgesic potential. Thus, we performed a literature review of the past 10 years to evaluate the basic and clinical scientific evidence about nalbuphine potential role in the current scenario of addiction and dependence on opioids.
doi:10.33309/2639-8915.020202 fatcat:25qkmhx2rrc4bd443smvmayrmm