Die Bürgerschaftswahl in Bremen vom 26. Mai 2019: CDU gewinnt, aber Rot-Grün-Rot regiert

Lothar Probst
2020 Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen  
The state election in Bremen in 2019 was marked by a head-to-head race between SPD and CDU and ended up with a considerably increased turnout and a historical result . The Christian Democrats managed to beat the Social Democrats for the first time in Bremen's postwar history . The Greens achieved their second-best outcome in a Bremen state election and had the choice between a so-called Jamaica coalition or a left coalition . Whereas the pragmatic oriented Left Party succeeded to accomplish a
more » ... o-digit result of 11 .3 percent, the Liberals and the Alternative of Germany underperformed with an outcome of about six percent of the votes . After a round of exploratory negotiations between Christian Democrats, Greens, and Liberals on the one hand and between Social Democrats, Greens, and The Left on the other hand, the rank and file of the Green Party decided to hold coalition talks with Social Democrats and the Left Party . Once the red-green-red coalition was built, the Senate's president and SPD front-runner, Carsten Sieling, resigned . Instead, Andreas Bovenschulte became the Senate's new president . Bovenschulte is a former chairman of Bremen's Social Democrats and had already been elected to lead the SPD parliamentary party .
doi:10.5771/0340-1758-2020-2-263 fatcat:lpxerlmvafhnbizsow7knrjmty