On the Maximal Eccentric Distance Sums of Graphs

Jianbin Zhang, Jianping Li
2011 ISRN Applied Mathematics  
If G is a simple connected graph with vertex V(G), then the eccentric distance sum of G, denoted by ξd(G), is defined as ∑v∈V(G)ecG(v)DG(v), where ecG(v) is the eccentricity of the vertex v and DG(v) is the sum of all distances from the vertex v. Let n≥8. We determine the n-vertex trees with, respectively, the maximum, second-maximum, third-maximum, and fourth-maximum eccentric distance sums. We also characterize the extremal unicyclic graphs on n vertices with respectively, the maximal, second
more » ... the maximal, second maximal, and third maximal eccentric distance sums.
doi:10.5402/2011/421456 fatcat:seyd2f4v35axne5desmud6znv4