Evolution of pectin synthesis relevant galacturonosyltransferase gene family and its expression during cotton fiber development

Senmiao FAN, Aiying LIU, Xianyan ZOU, Zhen ZHANG, Qun GE, Wankui GONG, Junwen LI, Juwu GONG, Yuzhen SHI, Xiaoying DENG, Tingting JIA, Youlu YUAN (+1 others)
2021 Journal of Cotton Research  
Background Pectin is a key substance involved in cell wall development, and the galacturonosyltransferases (GAUTs) gene family is a critical participant in the pectin synthesis pathway. Systematic and comprehensive research on GAUTs has not been performed in cotton. Analysis of the evolution and expression patterns of the GAUT gene family in different cotton species is needed to increase knowledge of the function of pectin in cotton fiber development. Results In this study, we have identified
more » ... 1 GAUT genes in the genomes of four Gossypium species (G. raimondii, G. barbadense, G. hirsutum, and G. arboreum), and classified them as GAUT-A, GAUT-B and GAUT-C, which coding probable galacturonosyltransferases. Among them, the GAUT genes encode proteins GAUT1 to GAUT15. All GAUT proteins except for GAUT7 contain a conserved glycosyl transferase family 8 domain (H-DN-A-SVV-S-V-H-T-F). The conserved sequence of GAUT7 is PLN (phospholamban) 02769 domain. According to cis-elemet analysis, GAUT genes transcript levels may be regulated by hormones such as JA, GA, SA, ABA, Me-JA, and IAA. The evolution and transcription patterns of the GAUT gene family in different cotton species and the transcript levels in upland cotton lines with different fiber strength were analyzed. Peak transcript level of GhGAUT genes have been observed before 15 DPA. In the six materials with high fiber strength, the transcription of GhGAUT genes were concentrated from 10 to 15 DPA; while the highest transcript levels in low fiber strength materials were detected between 5 and 10 DPA. These results lays the foundation for future research on gene function during cotton fiber development. Conclusions The GAUT gene family may affect cotton fiber development, including fiber elongation and fiber thickening. In the low strength fiber lines, GAUTs mainly participate in fiber elongation, whereas their major effect on cotton with high strength fiber is related to both elongation and thickening.
doi:10.1186/s42397-021-00099-z fatcat:ndmx4hutava2rdudophv7xxaty