CHEAP: An Efficient Localized Area Coverage Maintenance Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Gokou Hervé Fabrice Diédié, Boko Aka, Michel Babri
2021 International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing (IJNDC)  
Keywords Coverage hole detection recovery location-allocation tabu search wireless sensor network A B S T R A C T Over the course of operation, a wireless sensor network can experience failures that are detrimental to the underlying application's objectives. In this paper, we address the problem of restoring coverage ratio of a damaged area (hole) using only the neighboring nodes. Most existing solutions fail to simultaneously prevent new holes formation, collisions, oscillations, cascaded
more » ... ions, cascaded movements, and overlapped areas. To do this, we propose an intersection points-based strategy to properly locate and characterize any type of coverage hole. Then, we allow nodes, whether or not redundant, to coordinate their movements and ranges in order to effectively eliminate the detected hole. We suggest for that purpose, a tabu search based optimization scheme along with a location-allocation model through a mixed integer linear program. Simulation results show that our protocol significantly increases the network's resilience.
doi:10.2991/ijndc.k.201218.001 fatcat:re7c6vehfrfmhjlzn62qc5idtq