Triada regizor – erou liric – actor în creaţia lui Emil Loteanu: spectrul psihanalitic

Ana-Maria Plămădeală
2018 Arta  
The article debates the complex and multidimensional character of the actor's manifestation in a cinematographic work of neo-romantic lineage in the self-knowledge and revelation area, the most enticing dreams and hopes of the author. Thus, the difficult process of regrouping and alienating the director from his cinematographic alter-ego denotes a typological eloquence in both the revelation and the amazing paradoxes paragraphs. After working with the interdisciplinary valences, the hierarchy
more » ... special values of the filmmaker Emil Loteanu becomes clear from the very beginning. It is highlighted by storing the nostalgia of absolute idealism in the lyrical heroine, while the lyric hero has to cope with the tribulation of unrelenting exams of consciousness. The narcissistic spirit of the Pygmalionic model is implicitly rendered to the female characters in the Loteanian creation; the male ones obtain a more complex structure, which oscillates between the affectionate parent-child relationship and the tense rivalry between the two artistic egos. In conclusion, the share of Emil Loteanu's personality is signaled not only in the biographies of the native actors, but also in those of some celebrities from other countries.
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