Russification of Orthodoxy in Ukraine as a Means of Assimilation of the Ukrainian Ethnicity

K. Verheles
2009 Ukrainian Religious Studies  
Searching for Ukraine's cultural identity is one of the most urgent tasks in the process of building an independent state. Defining itself today in new coordinates, Ukraine looks back to find productive models of coexistence with certain nations. It turned out that religion and church played an important role in the self-identification of Ukrainians, who were not only markers of Ukrainianness but also formed the latter. However, not all churches that prevailed in Ukraine were focused on the
more » ... focused on the interests of the Ukrainian people. The negative consequences for the development of Orthodoxy in Ukraine were the policy of Russification of the Russian autocracy, which concerned primarily the linguistic, religious and cultural spheres. These problems (the planting of a foreign language and culture) were not allowed to write until the early 1990's. Russian cultural influences were presented as brotherly aid, as Slavic solidarity in the fight against other Slavic brothers, including the Poles. Therefore, it is time to speak honestly and openly about those factors that hindered the full formation of the Ukrainian national consciousness, deprived it of a distinct identity, and led to a partial assimilation of the Ukrainian ethnic group
doi:10.32420/2009.51.2090 fatcat:4mfis72nnjbi3ka2c2hhrsg2wa