Public Health and Poor-Law Medical Services

1879 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
entered into an arrangement for the association of the hospital with the London School of Medicine for Women. Under this head, it is reported that there are now twenty students entered on the books of the hospital, and that the arrangement works most harmoniously. The friends of the school have contributed during the year £3I5 to the income of the hospital. COST OF OUT-PATIENTS. As the estimated number of out-patients attending the metropolitan hospitals is, according to the returns furnished
more » ... returns furnished by the hospitals themselves to the Hospital Sunday Fund, not less than £I,200,ooo, and according to lower estimates, not less than £800,ooo, it is of no small importance to determine what is the actual cost per head of each such out-patient, and this is the more important as great abuse of the facilities for treatment thus afforded is habitually alleged by persons well acquainted with the facts. The Secretary of University College Hospital has revised the estimates of cost of out-patients which had formerly been accepted, and gives certain data, from which it appears that the out-patients attend on an average each three-and-a-half times, and that 95 per cent. received medicines; so that in 1878, 2I,017 out-patients received 63,050 separate quantities of medicine, whereas 2,288 in-patients in the same year received i8,304 separate quantities of medicine ; thus the out-patients received three-and-a-half times as much medicine as the in-patients. The total cost of the 21,017 out-patients, including estir?iated cost of dispensers' time, time of out-patient porters, printing, stationery, wear and tear of furniture and of the departments, amounted in all to £2,211 3s. gd., equalling 2S. Iy4d. per out-patient.
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