Bruno Felipe Castro da Silva, Jusiclei Moraes, Jorge de Almeida Brito Junior, David Barbosa de Alencar, Camily Murrieta V. O. Bezerra
2019 ITEGAM- Journal of Engineering and Technology for Industrial Applications (ITEGAM-JETIA)  
Walkways are scaffolding erected to cross natural or artificial barriers and take care of the passenger's own safety. There are walkways over rivers, lakes, roads, railroads, valleys and also as connections between buildings, which aim at the physical distance between pedestrian flow and disorders that individuals are not able to cope with, such as water currents, the height of buildings and vehicles at high speed. The theme "Design of Reinforced Catwalk" aims to demonstrate how the design of a
more » ... how the design of a reinforced concrete walkway, showing the possible pathologies that may occur in these structures. The article followed the precepts of exploratory study, through bibliographic research, was developed from material already prepared, consisting of scientific articles. It has been found that it is important to consider the permanent load of the element. In the case of walkways, the load must be established in addition to its own weight, by variables that are part of the physical framework itself, other fixed overloads, such as: concrete slab, steel structures, paving, railing, signs, among others. . As for pathologies, it was concluded that the best option to prevent pathological conditions is prevention. Prevention is generated not only by a project or execution within the quality parameters, but mainly by a structural maintenance program. These programs play an important role in any structure, facilitating the verification of structural deterioration states and favoring the reduction of treatment costs. These procedures will certainly prevent the formation of marked and widespread pathologies.
doi:10.5935/2447-0228.20190081 fatcat:sianibvptvapncknjzsbwkc5hq