Using the Eye Tracking Method to Determine the Risk of Advertising Devices on Drivers' Cognitive Perception

Luboš Nouzovský, Pavel Vrtal, Tomáš Kohout, Zdeněk Svatý
2022 Applied Sciences  
The paper focuses on road safety assessment. The main objective was to assess the impact of different types and sizes of advertising devices as a potential distraction for drivers. Distraction of driver's attention in real traffic was evaluated using the "Wiener Fahrprobe" structured observation method. As a method for reliable data collection, the eye tracking method was used to accurately define the time delay caused by the observation of the advertising device. As part of the assessment of
more » ... e direct impact on drivers, test runs were carried out with 40 drivers on a pre-defined section of road on which different types of advertising devices were present. As an additional, supporting measurement, a vehicle simulator was also used. From the obtained knowledge it was possible to create a unique classification system that can be used to assess the severity of any installed advertising device in general. In the case of distraction, it was found that dynamic advertising devices attract the most attention than conventional static devices and appear to be a significant risk to road safety.
doi:10.3390/app12136795 doaj:a2b86932eb0549c49b2961408d6b4885 fatcat:2v7d45dsfja7xerzrwozidna6u