SOVIST-3D: three-dimensional software visualization in smalltalk [thesis]

Robert Tyson
This thesis discusses the use of 3D software visualizations in Smalltallr. To explore the use of the 3D software vi~ualizations~ S~V I S T -3~ (Three-Dimensional software visuahation in Smalltalk) was developed. S O V I S T -3~ is an extendable framework that creates the software visualizations without any user input, escept for what they want to visualize. Each of the software Msualizations created by S O V K T -3~ is created by using a viewer. SOVIST-3~ currently has three different viewers:
more » ... ierarchy, which displays the object hierarchy; parts. which displays the parts of an object returned £rom the execution of a use case; and message tracer, n-hich displays a trace of the interesting messages sent in the system. Each viewer can have the visualization presented in different ways. Each of these presentations are called a layout. SOVIST-QD currently utilizes four different layouts which results in the creation of seven different types of visualizations. .--I l l Acknowledgment s 1 would like to thank my supervisor. Prof. John Pugh, for his help in completing my t hesis.
doi:10.22215/etd/1998-04058 fatcat:f5lpw4hl2zb33aq3yc6ypwofjy