Comparison of the Characteristics of Sprays between Water and Nanofluid Sprays
물과 나노유체의 분무 특성 비교

B.S. Kang, S.P. Lee
2014 Journal of ILASS-Korea  
Nanofluids are that metallic or nonmetallic nanometer-sized particles are dispersed in liquid. They can be used in various fields to increase the heat transfer rate because the thermal conductivity of nanofluids can be increased significantly. Nanofluids may be used as a good alternative of coolants in spray cooling. This study conducted experiments to compare the characteristics of sprays between water and nanofluid sprays. The radial distributions of droplet velocities and diameters of water,
more » ... diameters of water, 0.2% wt.(weight), and 0.5% wt. Al2O3 nanofluids at the pressure of 0.2 and 0.3 MPa were measured by laser doppler instruments. The radial distributions of droplet diameters and velocities at two axial positions with water and 0.2% wt. nanofluid sprays didn't show much difference. A big difference, however, was observed between 0.5% wt. nanofluid and water sprays. With the increase of the mass of nano-particles, the average droplet diameters were increased and the average droplet velocities were decreased.
doi:10.15435/jilasskr.2014.19.2.82 fatcat:2uzhhapnh5dfzilgk3xzpxs47e