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1863 The Lancet  
Under the care of Mr. ERNEST HART. ) THERE is no disorder more commonly met with in the range of ophthalmic practice than purulent conjunctivitis in infants. And in hospital practice not only is the frequency of the disease very fully exemplified, but the disastrous consequences of its intensity and of the want of proper attention are witnessed in many cases of total blindness from resulting opaque staphyloma, where the eyeball itself has become involved in the destructive inflammatory action.
more » ... everal cases are now under course of treatment in the ophthalmic department of St. Mary's Hospital, under charge of Mr. Ernest Hart; and the most painful results of some past attack are seen in a, child admitted under the care of Dr. Alderson in the Victoria ward for other diseases, but wholly blind by double and complete opaque staphyloma from an attack of purulent conjunctivitis, which destroyed both eyes. Mr. Hart
doi:10.1016/s0140-6736(02)57473-0 fatcat:yzhpatobjvgcpbzucaraeyzddy