Semantic library LibMeta as a tool for building the knowledge space of a scientific subject area
Семантическая библиотека как средство построения пространства знаний научной предметной области

Olga Muratovna Ataeva, Vladimir Alekseevich Serebryakov
2021 Proceedings of 23rd Scientific Conference "Scientific Services & Internet – 2021"   unpublished
The paper considers an information system designed to represent a subject area related to science and its features. Highlighted general concepts for formal description of such a subject area in the knowledge base of the semantic library. The peculiarity of these areas is that the data structure is subject to frequent changes. Therefore, the means of organizing knowledge, which is a semantic library, should be sufficiently universal and not require deep technical knowledge. The paper describes the functionality of the system and its use.
doi:10.20948/abrau-2021-23 fatcat:ajqzyn655zhvbbl3h2itk4zgky