Remote Data Acquisition System (DAS) using GSM/GPRS

Neelam V Tambe, Prof. R. R. Itkarkar
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
A data acquisition system is a complete set of hardware and software that helps to obtain knowledge of the system and helps to access the data to the user. Remote monitoring system is used in different control applications, engineering systems. Many of the monitoring systems make use of the internet and internet protocols and technologies. Using these systems leads to save resources exploitation and manpower as well as can be used in the remote areas where human cannot reach. A simple
more » ... A simple definition of remote data acquisition is collecting information about a system or a process. The data collected is used to examine various parameters of a system and the implications it would have on the dependent processes/systems. The systems that enable supervision of remote processes for data collection are termed remote data acquisition or remote data collection systems. These systems are designed using personal computers and other processor-based input/output modules conforming to RS-232 and RS-485 standards. Our aim is to design, develop and execute an application which can be used in the various fields of engineering to monitor the data with a remote access.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is060736 fatcat:ng6rfjwdgrgiri2trhoa57jx2e