Trapped Bose–Einstein condensates with Planck-scale induced deformation of the energy–momentum dispersion relation

F. Briscese
2012 Physics Letters B  
We show that harmonically trapped Bose-Einstein condensates can be used to constrain Planck scale physics. In particular we prove that a Planck-scale induced deformation of the Minkowski energy-momentum dispersion relation δ E ≃ξ_1 mcp/2M_p produces a shift in the condensation temperature T_c of about Δ T_c/T_c^0≃ 10^-6ξ_1 for typical laboratory conditions. Such a shift allows to bound the deformation parameter up to |ξ_1| ≲ 10^4. Moreover we show that it is possible to enlarge Δ T_c/T_c^0 and
more » ... mprove the bound on ξ_1 lowering the frequency of the harmonic trap. Finally we compare the Planck-scale induced shift in T_c with similar effects due to interboson interactions and finite size effects.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2012.10.022 fatcat:su3dgkjlfnhlbkvnyxh5rk5h2a