The method of the side effects protection of megestrol acetate, when used in cats

Iu. V. Shcherbakova, B. V. Smolianinov
2017 Medical and Clinical Chemistry  
The possibility of preventing the negative metabolic effects of megestrol acetate in the body of cats using it as a means to suppress the manifestations of the estrous cycle was investigated. It was found that in cats, which are used megestrol acetate for 7 days after dosing hemoglobin level decreased to 1.17 times, and on the fourteenth day was 1.33 times. It was determined that increasing the number of eosinophils in animals which megestrol acetate is used 2.7 times at 14 hours after dosing,
more » ... ours after dosing, animals receiving the drug protective iron eosinophils increased by 2.2 times on the fourteenth day after administration. In cats, the group which used megestrol acetate ALT activity increased by 16.9 % on the fourth day after the beginning of the experiment, 33.6 % on the 7th, and by 55.6 % on the fourteenth day after the administration of the drug as compared to the initial activity, whereas the animals which were used tread means the phenomenon was not observed. We found that increased levels of glucose in the animals of the first group by 14 % on the 4th day, 22 % on the 7th day and 22.4 % on the 14th day after the drug compared with the baseline values. It is found that the use of iron dextran solution in a dose of 7.5 mg / kg concurrently with megestrol acetate significantly reduces blood biochemical shift in profile in cats. It is shown that iron with simultaneous application of megestrol acetate formulation prevents a sharp decrease in the number of erythrocytes and increase of eosinophils in the blood of cats.
doi:10.11603/mcch.2410-681x.2016.v0.i4.7273 fatcat:ahnu3ggtevet7mye5tk27dlhgm