Assessment Of The Level Of Vulnerability To Protect Property Interests

A. Kovalenko
2020 unpublished
The article defines the main assessment criteria of the vulnerability level of alcoholic beverages producers property interests. The essence of criteria as an important element in the protection of property interests is analyzed. The authors define the concept of property interests' protection in accordance with the analysis of elements comprising the protection mechanism and the interrelation between the concepts of protection and vulnerability. The importance of the evaluation criteria of the
more » ... vulnerability level through the example of the alcoholic beverages production and implementation is determined. Assessing the level of the production process vulnerability, quantitative sufficiency of qualitatively prepared agricultural raw materials is the most important criterion. An important criterion for evaluating the production vulnerability level is the provision of well-prepared manufacturing facilities. The availability of reliable distribution channels was identified as the most important evaluation criterion when assessing the sale process vulnerability of goods produced by the reprocessing alcoholic beverages industry. The designated content and impact of each criterion on the organization development and functioning is defined. Interconnection of the production process and sales of finished products in the vulnerability assessment level for producers of alcoholic beverages products protection is revealed. The special status of alcoholic beverages market production regulation with respect to all the participants of the compulsory licensing requirements market and state establishing a minimum cost of end products is considered.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.10.03.29 fatcat:4h6q4a3ueja7zjfics5nlqcoja