Open-framework aluminoborates co-templated by two types of primary amines

Gao-Juan Cao, Jian Lin, Wei-Hui Fang, Shou-Tian Zheng, Guo-Yu Yang
2011 Dalton Transactions  
Table S1 Hydrogen bond lengths (Å) and bond angles (°) for compounds 1-4. Fig.S1 a) View of the asymmetric units of 1-4, respectively. Fig. S2 View of the elliptical 8-ring (a) and 14-ring (b) openings situated on bc plane in 1. Fig. S3 View of the 11-ring openings in 1 located on ac (a)and ab (b) planes, respectively. Figure S4 View of the elliptical 14-ring (a) and 8-ring (b) openings situated on ab plane in 4.
doi:10.1039/c0dt01537g pmid:21321736 fatcat:ajsalwi67jdnviijmq3bf6x7de