Multi-channel Convolutional Neural Network Feature Extraction for Session Based Recommendation

Zhenyan Ji, Mengdan Wu, Yumin Feng, José Enrique Armendáriz Íñigo, Dan Selisteanu
2021 Complexity  
A session-based recommendation system is designed to predict the user's next click behavior based on an ongoing session. Existing session-based recommendation systems usually model a session into a sequence and extract sequence features through recurrent neural network. Although the performance is greatly improved, these procedures ignore the relationships between items that contain rich information. In order to obtain rich items embeddings, we propose a novel Recommendation Model based on
more » ... -channel Convolutional Neural Network for session-based recommendation, RMMCNN for brevity. Specifically, we capture items' internal features from three dimensions through multi-channel convolutional neural network firstly. Next, we merge the internal features with external features obtained by a GRU unit. Then, both internal features and external features are merged by an attention mechanism together as the input of the transformation function. Finally, the probability distribution is taken as the output after the softmax function. Experiments on various datasets show that our method's precision and recommendation performance are better than those of other state-of-the-art approaches.
doi:10.1155/2021/6661901 fatcat:5m6hln2znvfsfh5holnny5kbvy