Проблемы и перспективы сервисного обеспечения тренировочного процесса команд водных видов спорта

Аделия ПАВЛОВА, Adeliya PAVLOVA, Людмила Петрик, Lyudmila Petrik, Константин КОПЫЛОВ, Konstantin KOPYLOV
2017 Services in Russia and Abroad  
In the article the authors try to solve a number of interrelated tasks of service provision for the training process of sports teams. For this, firstly, it is necessary to determine the forms of optimal service support for the training process for teams of water sports. Secondly, it is necessary to assess the existing bases for conducting educational and sports fees in Russia and abroad, on the basis of the identified criteria for optimal service support of training and training fees for water
more » ... ports teams. Thirdly, there is need to develop solutions for the effective use of the potential of the material and technical base for the XXVII Summer Universiade held in 2013 in Kazan and the 16th FINA World Championships in Water Sports in Kazan. The article discusses the problems of choosing training bases for con-ducting training camps for teams of water sports from the point of view of their service provision. The criteria for choosing the base are determined, and the importance of quality service support for the training process is considered. Using the example of water sports, the authors analyze the existing training bases in comparison with the potential of the Palace of Water Sports in Kazan, taking into account the requirements for service provision of international competitions established by FINA. The authors study the Russian sports bases and sports bases of the countries of the Union of Independent States, such as Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Latvia, as well as sports bases of European countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Czechia. Also, the article considers the aspects of the medical services provision on training areas. Based on experience of medical support of the training process in Norway, the authors give recommendations on the development of the Water Sports Palace in Kazan, as an object of the Universiade and FINA 2015, taking into account the requirements for service provision for international competitions.
doi:10.22412/1995-042x-11-5-11 fatcat:nxj6xyn66vcbrebjva437zxizq