Remarks on Dr. Inman's Paper 'On the Influence OE Vitality upon Secretion'

J. K. Spender
1859 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
BaMn MmioiaI Jo3wA] ORIMGIN OMMNIATl1OIl_ LJmi. 40 ls.. present; but taking these five cases, we see three lives aved that would otherwise have been lost. The results of all the operations performed during the past fifteen months in London, shew rather more than one out of two successful; and I have no doubt that when the diagnosis of this disease is more perfect; when the operation is performed earlier; when a11 the steps of the operation are carefully done; when health is improved by diet and
more » ... mproved by diet and medicine before operation; and when the after treatment is thoroughly understood--then, and not till then, must we expect to be able to lay down any table of com. parison. Let us, however, be encouraged by the experience of herniotomy, lithotomy, and lithotrity, and the more recent amputations of the thigh ; and, observing how improved treatment has told npon their statistics, let us confidently antictipate that surgery will yet triumph in ovariotomy, and thus benefit humanity.
doi:10.1136/bmj.s4-1.127.442 fatcat:u5emflhdi5eh3cvywidcpxobvi