Mesh antennas for dual polarization

H. Nakano, N. Suzuki, T. Ishii, J. Yamauchi
2001 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation  
Three mesh antennas, all having an extremely small antenna height of approximately 0.06 wavelength above a ground plane, are presented. First, a mesh antenna excited with a balanced feed is analyzed. It is revealed that the mesh antenna radiates a linearly polarized wave with no cross-polarization component in the principal planes. The radiation mechanism is explained using the current distribution. Second, a mesh antenna excited with an unbalanced feed is analyzed. This antenna shows almost
more » ... same radiation characteristics as the mesh antenna with a balanced feed. The frequency bandwidth for a VSWR = 2 criterion is evaluated to be approximately 3%. Third, a mesh antenna having two perturbation elements is analyzed. It is found that the antenna acts as a radiation element of circular polarization. The frequency bandwidth for a 3-dB axial ratio criterion is calculated to be approximately 1%. The mesh antennas in the first and second analyses can be used as dual linear polarization elements by appropriately switching the feed. Similarly, the mesh antenna in the third analysis can be used as a dual circular polarization element by switching the feed.
doi:10.1109/8.929625 fatcat:aag5ifsaprhzlcdvjjvbon7ysa