Gender security between human development and human security. Recent issues in the political international agenda

Paola Degani
Issues regarding security, for a long time have been proposed, both in thescientific literature, that in the writings of popular character, without takinginto due consideration the specificity of the effects that certain threats cancause the different subjectivity or on specific groups rather than on other .In particular, very rarely takes into account the fact that, in relation to thecondition of women, we can talk, referring to certain areas or aspects of theproblem, think of the problem of
more » ... of the problem of violence, of a real security crisis. Thesafety cultures sedimentation processes of socialization through everydaypractices, can be considered an integral part of the internal structures ofstates. The issues relating to the in / security for women are on the agendainstitutional, only a few years, do not fall within the traditional frameworkof interventions aimed at regulating sector profiles of women, in line with avision of the subject recipient of this policy individual as "neutral." Theseare issues that today are also of inter-governmental organizations, inparticular the United Nations, a central political role with respect to theadoption of policies related to the affirmation, respect and the effectivenessof human rights and at the same time enrich and innovate in ordersubstantial guidelines and decision-making processes in the field ofsecurity.
doi:10.6092/1827-9198/2565 fatcat:4yhnr2wfcnflld4p5c5pmagqi4