Growth cycles with or without price flexibility

Peter Skott
2015 Review of Keynesian Economics  
This note -written in response to von Arnim and Barrales (2015) shows that (i) the Kaldor-Goodwin models in Skott (1989a Skott ( , 1989b and Skott and Zipperer (2012) provide good approximations to models with fast but ...nite adjustment of prices, (ii) the models can generate cyclical patterns that match the stylized facts, and (iii) an alternative model with instantaneous output adjustment and ...xed prices produces a dynamic system that is virtually identical to the Kaldor-Goodwin; this
more » ... may describe parts of the service sector. JEL codes: E12, E32
doi:10.4337/roke.2015.03.06 fatcat:m4m2wtnokfgblniuaumnhiqwpe