A Fast Algorithm for the Optimal Constrained Path Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks

Weijun Yang, Yun Zhang
2016 Journal of Communications  
Abstract-Finding a path subject to multiple QoS requirements is regarded as a critical component in wireless mesh networks especially the real-time wireless communication applications become increasingly popular. As far as we know, it is an NPcomplete problem. This paper devises a simple and fast Kapproximation algorithm (KAMCOP) to deal with it from the perspective of approximate. The theoretical validations for the proposed algorithm show that, its approximation ratio is K and the time
more » ... and the time complexity is O(Km+nlogn). The simulation results on the special networks show that the time complexity of KAMCOP is as simple as Dijkstra algorithm, which is fit for implementation in wireless routing protocols.
doi:10.12720/jcm.11.2.126-131 fatcat:zpgmxvb5n5hsdglo5kwexgezou