Peculiarities of immunogramm shifts and free radical oxidation markers of blood plasma in HIV-infected heroin addicts

M A Shatirko, I V Reshetniov, S V Golodnii, A Ch Mingazov, D A Kozochkin, B V Izarovsky, V E Tseilikman
2015 Kazanskij Medicinskij Žurnal  
Aim. The contribution of heroin addiction in particular immunogram and oxidative stress in HIV-infected individuals. Methods. The study was performed on 104 patients of working age (23-40 years). The first group consisted of 17 HIV-infected patients with stage III disease, intravenous drug users; the second group - 30 HIV-infected patients not taking the drugs; the third group - 25 injecting drug users not infected with HIV; the fourth group - 32 apparently healthy person. Determination of
more » ... cyte subpopulation composition performed on a flow cytometer «Beckman CoulterFC 500». The blood was determined by the content of lipid peroxidation products and carbonylated proteins. Results. In HIV-infected heroin addicts compounded was the deficit of T-helper cells. Furthermore, there was increase in CD16+-monocytes. In the group of HIV not-infected drug users also showed a reduction in the number of T-helper cells. Other parameters of the immunogram did not differ significantly from control values. In the group of HIV-infected drug addicts found was more distinct decrease in T-helper cells. The number of T-helper cells decreased both in relation to a group of HIV-infected persons who do not inject drugs and in relation to a group of non-infected drug users. Oxidative stress was manifested in a further strengthening of the carbonylation of proteins. In HIV-infected drug users carbonylated protein content was 4.5 times higher than the control level, and was significantly higher than non-infected drug addicts and HIV-infected persons who do not inject drugs. Conclusion. Heroin addiction exacerbates characteristic for HIV-infected individual decrease in CD4+-lymphocytes along with increased free radical oxidation.
doi:10.17750/kmj2015-772 fatcat:jqytxyo7tjh3pfliakwljcreim